September 2017

Coffee Morning – Exclusive Books Killarney Mall

Thursday 28 September @ 11h00

Shop NS8,
Killarney Mall,
60 Riviera Road

May 2017

Franschoek Literary Festival


Are writers born or made?

Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (The Printmaker) considers the ways writers find to practice their craft, with Ekow Duker (The God Who Made Mistakes), Miranda Sherry (Bone Meal for Roses) and Sindiwe Magona (Chasing the Tails of My Father’s Cattle, and translator of Dinosaurs, Diamonds, and Democracy).

Friday 19 May @ 13h00

Congregational Church, Franschoek


Writing millenials?

Africa Melane asks authors JT Lawrence (Grey Magic), Kiprop Kimutai (The Water Spirits) and Miranda Sherry (Bone Meal for Roses) how they speak to and through this generation, and the challenges they face in doing so.

Friday 19 May @ 16h00

Congregational Church, Franschoek

Kingsmead Book Fair


The Heart Of The Matter

Lesley Pearse (Dead to Me), Gail Schimmel (The Park) and Miranda Sherry (Bone Meal for Roses) discuss the emotional core of their moving novels with Pamela Power (Delilah Now Trending).

Friday 13 May @ 15h00

Lange Hall, Kingsmead College, Johannesburg

April 2017

The Sunday Times Literary Award 2017

Bonemeal for Roses was longlisted for the prestigious Barry Ronge Fiction Prize.

Chairperson Rehana Rossouw remarks on the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize longlist:

“South African authors are spoiled for choice. Their local stories are stitched into a tapestry of a landscape ranging from tropical heat to dusty dorps. The longlist this year contains titles that weave the land and the people into compelling tales. Some authors deal with historical dispossession and despair; others discover the magic hidden in thick foliage and stark dustlands. All the authors examine the essence of a people propelled by a dream and led astray by dreamers — some with deft touches and others with scream-with-laughter satire. Crime remains a distinct theme but there’s always love; often sweet and sometimes twisted. It is going to be a struggle this year to choose one winner from a list that contains works by writers presenting their country in words that strike at the heart and linger on the synapses.”